segunda-feira, 15 de agosto de 2011

Kick -Ass

Hi there boys n girls.

I wanted to do this for a long time and for a number of diferent reasons i never did it until now. Kick-Ass the comics and the movie have very strong content and i loved what they did with the movie. It's one of those cases were i think the movie is better than the original source.Well as i was saying the movie is very violent and i tryied to do my version of it. As Hit Girl and Kick-ass was fighting this last thug came from behind and got shot on the head. That's actually a scene from the movie, i just imagined my own version.  There's lots of cool details on it like, i did a nasty cut on Kick-Ass's eye and there's massive holes on the bad guys's head.

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  1. Que legal! Gostei muito do clima que a composição de cor dá para a cena...