segunda-feira, 15 de agosto de 2011

Kick -Ass

Hi there boys n girls.

I wanted to do this for a long time and for a number of diferent reasons i never did it until now. Kick-Ass the comics and the movie have very strong content and i loved what they did with the movie. It's one of those cases were i think the movie is better than the original source.Well as i was saying the movie is very violent and i tryied to do my version of it. As Hit Girl and Kick-ass was fighting this last thug came from behind and got shot on the head. That's actually a scene from the movie, i just imagined my own version.  There's lots of cool details on it like, i did a nasty cut on Kick-Ass's eye and there's massive holes on the bad guys's head.

Kick-Ass paint tutorial

Hi there folks!

I had a few requests for a paint tutorial and i did the best i could. It's my first one. So excuse me for missing anything.
I did a step by step of how i work. If you have any questions just ask! 
The HiRes art will be on the next post!

Fala Galera!
 eu recebi alguns pedidos para fazer um tutorial de pintura. Eu simplifiquei bastante mas deu para cobrir o básico de muita coisa. Eu coloquei mais um pouco de teoria e metodologia do que outra coisa.
Qualquer dúvida, pergunte!
A arte em alta resolução estará no próximo post!