sexta-feira, 27 de maio de 2011

Can i give it a try?

Hi there boys n' girls!

For this entry i'll post the whole process of my latest work...

The idea for this is a Band is having tryouts for a new member and they ask specifically for a dude.. Then comes this girl, very sexy charming... The drummer who is also a girl gets a little pissed off... and on the other side we have two guys with different reactions. One guys cannot look away while the other is apprehensive with the situation... 
I looked a lotta Norman Rockwell for this, because in most of his paintings all the characters are doing something that has everything to do with the intention behind his idea. One character leads to another.

Two characters was based on models...

The singer is based on Miss Mosh and even what she's wearing is from a photo... Check it out

And the Drummer is based on this model Heretic Pandora . Her stile is amazing. Hair, poses and the lights are awesome. i used this photo as reference for this.

They were very kind to me. I sended the emails asking for permission to do this with no whopes whatsoever of getting an answer. But they answered!... Support these girls any way you can

The "Baby Doll" thing is from another picture of Miss Mosh,Check it ... But along came the movie "Sucker Punch" and took the character name from me... haha

The thing is i had no idea if the singer would be with nude breasts or what, so i did a little Lady Gaga on her... but the other version is here also...


First Draft

Pencil Version

Final Version Censored
 Final Version uncensored

Closer look

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  1. carlos vc num sabe nada de desenho desiste se demita da seu trabalho e vai faze faxina
    ass. SaW z BioHaZard
    faiz ai um do assassins creed
    dados os seus gosotos o que mais combina com vc eh desenha o leonardo com o Salai....
    pode se o ezio matando geral..
    ou desenha o ezio e o altair juntos sei lah

  2. Muito bom Carlão, finalmente seu blog e finalmente tive um tempinho para escrever nele...hehe.
    O importante é não parar... como eu sempre te digo: Sua evolução e o reconhecimento virão através desses trabalhos, por isso não pare!
    Continue arrasando... ta ficando craque no Photoshop!
    Abção meu amigo.
    Abção meu amigo